Your wedding is one of those special days you will never forget. The glamor, the beauty, the feelings overwhelming you and embracing you – everything about the Big Day is bound to be absolutely unforgettable and magnificent.


To make sure you attract all the good luck in the world, don’t forget to bring your lucky charm with you! What is that? What are some of the most common lucky charms for brides? We have gathered some tips for you – so read on and find your “luck”.

  • Traditionally a Celtic symbol, horseshoes are a symbol of good luck – so you might want to incorporate them in your wedding day too. For example, you could wear a small pair of earrings or use horseshoes as a motif for your wedding décor.
  • Family heirlooms. If you have family heirlooms, it would be a wonderful idea to incorporate them in the Big Day. Wear your grandmother’s favorite brooch with your dress, with your bouquet or incorporate it in your bridal clutch – it will add a sentimental touch to the day and it will also bring good luck as well.
  • Ringing bells are said to ward off evil spirits – and this is why some people ring bells at weddings. Provide your guests with small bells to ring as you exit your wedding ceremony and you will make for a really beautiful and unforgettable moment. Both the adults and the kids will love making noise to celebrate your happiness!

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